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Posted By Lois

Hello Bloggers, In the past I wrote in my blog about a huge bust that PETA set up concerning Global Exotics of Arlington Texas.  My hedgehog Samson was a rescue from ths bust back in December 2009.  Samson was one of 750 or so hedgheogs in two horse troth's with no water or food. These hedgehogs were eatting each other to live as were other types of animals in the Shaws care.  I recently heard a bit of information about the Shaws who owned Global Exotics. Mr Shaw is doing some jail time which isn't long enough in my book. Something like only 15 months for the horrible conditions and treatment of 27 thousand animals at his exotic aniaml business. This business shipped for the pet store trade all over the world and not only the USA.  He also was returned from New Zeland to which he fled after he was sentenced. In the long run he complained of the loss of his home which he forfited, then about his divorce from his wife.  His wife was one of the three people caring for all these animals back in 2009. The third person was working for PETA gathering information  I have not heard anything about punishment for his wife by the way. In my book this is a small price to pay and nothing compared to what those powerless animals endured at the Shaw's hands. He also can not ever run a animal trade business ever again. Lois

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