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Posted By Lois

The Shaws at one point even tried to have the PETA under cover employee arrested.  The Shaws also tried to state that their business was a holiday operation and that they were operating under normal industry standards. The Shaws also said that many of the animals came to them in a sick state.  This, I believe could have very well been true, but was exacerbated by conditions and treatment at Global Exotics. The Shaws saw no problem with poor ventilation, lack to pest control, lack of water and food, no stress reduction.  Thank goodness a judge didn't agree with them, saw the light and stated that though this may be the standard for the industry it's still not ok.  At one point reptile groups raised funds for the Shaws’s legal team.  Funny thing is the reptiles suffered the greatest losses of all the creatures rescued. The local news did not even mention these facts on their news.  In all the Shaws launched 20 appeals and lost them all.  In the end all property was sold and animals were awarded to the many rescue groups and dispersed through out the USA and parts of Canada.


 I know many of the hedgehogs continue to show signs of stress from their ordeal and I am sure many of the other rescued animals do too. There was a 15% death rate for the mammals – approximately 4,000 animals died or were humanely euthanized as well as 75 to 100% death rate among the categories of frogs, lizards, snakes…for the reptiles. 

 The pet trade is a multi million dollar industry second only to the illegal drug trade.  The Shaws are not the only exotic animal business out there.  Others still handling business in much the same way as the Shaws and getting away with it on a much smaller level. I am not saying that all pet stores or exotic traders are as bad as the Shaws. Some treat animals with the respect and honor they deserve.  It’s just the ones like the Shaws that give the trade a bad name.


 I hope I have given you something to think about with this blog entry.  Also in closing I want to note this was the third strike for the Shaws.  They no longer run a business in this country.  As for jail time, The Shaws may never serve a day in prison.  They told the courts they wanted to travel to their home country on vacation. If you'll recall I stated that the Shaws home country was New Zealand earlier in this blog.  Yes, They went back to New Zealand and as far as I know at this moment have not been seen or heard from.  What I fear the most is that they may now be in another country setting up another business, under a different name, to do the same thing.


In the mean time Samson, my rescued Texas Tumble Weed as these hedgehogs are called, is living a very comfortable, happy life with me.  Lois

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