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Posted By Lois

Hello eveyone in Blog land, I get asked this question all the time when folks meet me.  Its really simple and everyone can do this if they take the time to develope the gift.  In fact young children haven't had this gift trained out of them and can do the connection with ease.  Its a telapathic link between myself and your animal.  Yup, it's that simple!  Meditation is a good way to start.  Just sit quietly with your animal on your lap or close by and pay attention to your breathing pattern. Make it nice and even and slow...count to 7 in your head as you draw your breath in. hold it for the count of 7...then slowly breath out to the same count of 7. When you feel calm enough and relaxed ask a simple question that you know the answer to. Such as, what kind of toy is your favorite, or treat? You might be pleasantly surprised at what you hear. Remember it takes practice and trust what you get.  Lois.

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