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Posted By Lois

Hello Everyone in Blog land, I want to tell you a story about my newest addition to my family, Samson.  Samson is a male pinto hedgehog born some time around November of 2009.  He is one of 27,000 animals rescued from a large exotic broker in Arlington, Texas.   This business owner was busted December 15, 2009 for keeping animals in terrible conditions, without food, water or Vet care. Of 27,000, 4,000 were in such rough shape or too sick, and had to be humanly helped to cross over.  In the end several rescue organizations were coordinated to help take care of these many animals needs and add in finding new homes.  The Hedgehog Welfare Society was one of these groups, which helped transport, care and find homes for 350 hedgehogs around the Midwest.  I took it to heart and adopted one of these 350 hedgehogs, named Samson.  Since I lost Sunbeam (one of my other hedgehogs) to old age right before Easter of 2009, I was more then ready for a new hedgie friend.  Samson is a cute (if I do say) pinto hedgehog boy who is about seven months old now.  When I first got him home, he was so weak and tired I was worried about losing him. I recall hand feeding him and giving him water with a syringe for a few days.  I had a friend of mine do some energy work on him to balance out his body systems and release trauma from his terrible adventure.  Samson has told me he was one of five siblings, with all the others perishing before rescue.  Samson has a bite out of the middle of his right ear, which is the only scar I can see on his body; he has many emotional scars we are still trying to heal.  He tells me it was rough being in that horse trough with all these younger hedgehogs of varying ages. Some were bigger and stronger; others weaker and died fighting to live.   I haven’t named any of my last few hedgehogs that have come to me.  They usually tell me the name they would like with in a few minutes of being around me.  Samson picked his name because he said he is a strong hedgehog and told me he was like the man in the bible who pulled down the pillars of the temple.  I kid you not- that’s how he came up with his name.   My other hedgehog, Juniper, told me she picked her name because she was born in June and wanted something more then just June for a name.  We do call her Junie for short, LOL. Well, that is about it for now; I will be adding more to this blog about Samson’s adventures and progress. This coming weekend, May 1, 2010, we will all be going to a hedgehog show in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  Samson is going to be shown and so is Juniper.  After all, she has to defend her title now as an adult hedgehog girl; she was junior female Grand Champion two years ago, now she has to try and win as an adult female.   I will be doing mini consults as part of fund raising for the Hedgehog Welfare Society. If you’re in the area, drop in and say hi if you’d like, we would love to meet you.  Lois Juniper and Samson

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