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Posted By Lois

Hello out there in blog land! Wow! August was the last time I added to this blog.  Have I been slacking off or what?  I just wanted to let you all know I will no longer be doing live internet radio shows.  All good things must come to an end it was fun while it lasted.  I just want to thank everyone who braved the airwaves and allowed me to read their animal friends live.  I also want to thank Billy the station owner for allowing me to do so. As one door closes a new one opens they say. 

Earlier in my blog I wrote about my hedgehog Sid who passed away of cancer way too soon in July.  I wanted to let you know I have since added a new addition to my animal family she is named Juniper.  Juniper is five and a half months old as I write this blog.  She had only been with us for two weeks when we attended a hedgehog show.  Yes, people do show and judge hedgehogs out there in the real world.  LOL   Granted they are not for everyone as a pet.  They need much special care and attention to diet as well as other things.  Not to mention they do have quills that poke and they snuff and pop at you if they don’t know you.  Plus finding a Vet who knows how to treat them is rough too.  They are great for folks who have allergies to dogs, cats and birds, which is why I have them due to a family member with allergies.  Now how could I be an animal communicator without an animal in my home?  That would be just plain crazy right?    Any ways back to Juniper and the hedgehog show.  Juniper won first place for her junior female division, which was no small feat.  Considering there were eleven other hedgehogs entered in that junior group.  Later in the day she won Grand Champion over all the other first place females shown in all age groups. . I am pretty proud of my new addition to say the least.  I’ll be adding a picture of her to my web site soon so you can all check her out. 

Later this month I will be attending another training so I can better serve you.  Perhaps I will add some of my experiences at that so you can better understand what I do.  Blessings and light to you all.  Lois