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Posted By Lois

Hello everyone, I know it has once again been a long time since I added a new blog.  I am going to start out by leting you know that Juniper once again took Grand Champion for her age group and color at the May 1st show. Way to go Juniper!!! Samson who is my rescue from Arlington Texas placed 2nd place in a rather large group of junior hedgehogs.  (All Pinto colored and Texas rescues by the way).  I'm proud of my hedgie fella!!

The hedgehogs and I are looking forward to going to another mid-western show in Milwaukee, Wisconsin this coming October.  Perhaps Juniper can win Grand Champion again and also Grand Champion over all like she did two years ago. Hedgehogs can earn total points and become retired Grand Champions after so many points won.  Samson is no sluff either. I can't wait to see how well they strut their stuff and be with my hedgehog friends again.