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Posted By Lois

Hello everyone thanks for stopping by to check out things on the site.


For those of you that have seen the cover page on the site you will note a small picture of a half balled up hedgehog. That is Sid one of my hedgehogs; the picture was taken only a few days after he came to live here just over 3 ½ years ago. He was just a young little fellow of perhaps two months old. Sorry to say that Sid’s health started to fail about 4 weeks ago.  He first developed an eye infection, which the Vet said was Glaucoma. The Vet said Sid would have to have his eye removed and that he could live a good long life with just one eye. Sid was recovering very well and even went back to running in his wheel for a short time.  A few days into his recovery he developed a lump on his nose below the eye that had been removed. So we made a return visit with the Vet to have him looked over once again. Our Vet drained some of the fluid off the lump as well as another area just below the lump. Some of the fluid was sent out to be cultured; the news was not good when the Vet called back a few days later. Sid had a fungal infection in his sinus and there were some cells with dark edges and a nucleus that was dark in color as well. Sid had cancer, which I am sorry to say, and was crossed over on 7-18-08. He is greatly missed and was a great little animal communicator in his own right.