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Posted By Lois

It is with a very sad heart I write this, as another of my dear animal friends, Sunbeam, has passed over the Rainbow Bridge. She is the hedgehog I am holding in a picture on my web site, if you wish to see her.  Sunbeam came to live with me at the age of 2 years from another animal communicator I know who also breeds hedgehogs,  and we spent over three years together before her crossing.  Sunbeam was my teacher and friend.  I will always remember her fondly chasing bottles of my essential oils across the floor, then contorting doing the what hedgehogs do best- anionting with foamy froth from her mouth like hedgehogs always do when they find something interesting smelling or tasting.  Her favorite oil was Joy, which has rose oil in the mix. After all who doesn't want to feel joyful in life?  When she crossed I placed some Valor oil  (which gives one strength for the jouney home) on her quills, along with her beloved Joy essential oil. I then placed some sage plant leafs with her.  She was a Shaman and healer in her own right.  The last thing she told me before leaving her body as I held her was "I'm ready to go home."    Bless you Sunbeam with all my heart.