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Posted By Lois

As a communicator, on going training is always a part of continuing growth so that we can be of better service to the world community. Some of the ways I have done this has been thought learning about the uses of Bach Remedies, Green Hope Farm Flower Essences and Young Living Essential Oils.


A friend of mine who helps me with this web site mentioned to me I should do a snippet about different things I have used as an animal communicator to enhance the well being of animals and human alike.


This month I am going to touch on the use of essential oils bye Young Living. These oils are therapeutic grade oils that are made under very controlled conditions from start to end for a very even quality product. I know there is other types of essential oils out there but how many can boast the fact they are medical grade quality?. Young Living controls each step that leads to the end product. From the growth and quality of the plants, the areas they are grown in as to the best climate with the least pollutants to how they are distilled in Gary Young’s distillation process that he developed him self. All these things help to make certain the standards of each product sold to the public. Each essential oil has many benefits for health, both physically, emotionally, and spiritually for animals as well as humans. What I love is knowing the quality is there.


Essential oils can be use in Aromatherapy by directly inhaling them, by using a diffuser to place a mico fine vapor in the air, by humidifier or by steam. They can also be used by direct topical application to vital areas on the body, by massage or even if you please as a perfume. A person can use these oils internally by placing them in a capsule, adding to water or milk, placing a drop of two on bread, using them in cooking, or yes placing a drop on your tongue. In the not to distant future I hope to go out in the field teaching about these oils and there benefits for health, well being and abundance into our life’s as well as our animal friends. If you have any questions about Young Living Essential oils please feel free to contact me by email for more information or how to become a Young Living member.


I’ll be adding more information about different products on this blog in the future. Thanks for dropping by, bright blessings to you and your animal friends.