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Posted By Lois

Hi out in Blog land, I want to touch base on Animals who come to the world to work as ambassadors. They could be horses who become champions for a certain breed and become best in show such as Ashley, a 2010 National Tennessee Walking Horse Champion. (Her picture and owner testimonial is located on my web site.) Then there is the stray dog or cat that shows up and brings an autistic child out of their shell from nowhere.  I have a friend who has a hedgehog named Spike that visits older war veterans in nursing homes and church. Spike is the calmest, sweetest little being I have met and knows just how to act with each person who meets him. These type of animals are ambassadors and they are out there as therapy dogs, horses that help people with balance issues and the list goes on.  Do you have an animal ambassador?  If so you are very blessed.  Lois