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Posted By Lois
Hello Bloggers, I posted a blog a while back about an exotic animal broker in Arlington Texas who was busted by PETA for animal cruelty in December of 2009. This pet broker had 27 thousand animals housed in a warehouse for sale and shipment for the pet trade. My hedgehog Samson was one of 750 hedgehogs kept in 2 horse troths. Hedgehog Welfare, a rescue group that was part of this bust rescued, rehabbed and sent these hedgehogs all over the USA and Canada. I am grateful to have had Samson as part of my animal family. He passed in my arms at 2:30 PM today. I'll miss him dearly and he will always have a place in my heart. Blessings to all from Lois and my 2 remaining hedgehogs Pasha and Blossom.